About Us

Omnicell was founded in 1992 and is based in Mountain View - California. Today Omnicell operates internationally and has a team dedicated to the Australian market.

Omnicell provides software and automation solutions for pharmacy, hospitals and residential aged care facilities.

Key product lines include:

  • Dosage administration aid packaging, software and automation
  • Robotic dispensing systems
  • Automated dispensing cabinets and medication management systems
  • IV Automation

Meet the Australian team

Matt Hill

General Manager - Omnicell Asia Pacific

Dean Martin

Manager Pharmacy Automation - Omnicell Asia Pacific

Danny Faelis

IT Strategy Manager - Australia

David Dutka

Business Development Manager - VBM

Narelle Forsyth

Business Development Manager - SureMed

Melanie Dunne

Customer Service Manager

Devang Sheth

Senior Engineer/Project Manager - Australia

Amy Samudi

SureMed Product Specialist

Robby White

Lead Software Developer