Omnicell Automated Dispensing Cabinets

Take medication management to the next level

Secure, efficient and accurate medication management for hospitals and aged care facilities

ADCs combined with the G4 software platform provide an end to end medication manangement solution for hospitals and residential aged care facilities. The cabinets are stocked by the pharmacy and provide nurses with authenticated access to medications for administration to patients. The cabinets perform the following functions:

  • Secure medication storage outside of the pharmacy
  • Inventory management
  • Pick to light medication dispensing
  • Recording of medication dispensing
  • Patient specific medication labelling
  • Controlled substance management

Offer your aged care facilities something different

Winning and retaining pharmacy business in residential aged care is tough. ADCs not only give you a way to augment your aged care services offer, they also help you to reduce costs. The cabinets can provide the following benefits for both the pharmacy and the nursing home:

  • Storage, monitoring and recording of imprest stock
  • Reduction of time to first dose for new medication orders and less re-packing
  • After hours access to emergency medications
  • Controlled substance management

Versatile and feature rich design

With six different cabinet types and 16 different types of draws, Omnicell can tailor each cabinet to the location where it will work. The cabinets come with the following features

  • Guiding lights
  • Barcode scanning
  • Biometric finger print recognition
  • Integrated label printer
  • Return bin

Benefits of the G4 platform and workflow for hospitals

The G4 software platform provides integration with hospital information systems linking the cabinets with pharmacy, patient data, billing and inventory management. The result is an increase in the level of patient care and safety. The software and workflow will:

  • Reduce medication preparation time
  • Electronically capture information for regulatory compliance
  • Provide remote access to the cabinets from with in the hospital network
  • Provide a range of reports for inventory and clinical management