Omnicell Robotic Dispensing Solutions

Omnicell RDS can transform your retail or hospital pharmacy to new levels of speed and efficiency


By integrating channel and chaotic technology, the Robomat system allows even greater efficiency than you thought possible. With a dispensing speed of up to 1,200 item picks per hour, Robomat provides optimum automation for your whole dispensary

  • Combines advantages of a chaotic system with the speed of a channel system
  • Complete solution for dispensing slow, medium and fast moving lines
  • Simultaneous loading and dispensing


  • Chaotic filling system with Fill in Door semi automated restocking mechanism
  • Easy to use touch screen monitor
  • Dispenses up to 300 packs per hour
  • Customizable dimensions

Speed Box

  • Channel filling system that handles high volume demand
  • Can be restocked from an integrated Medimat unit
  • Dispenses up to 900 packs per hour
  • Customizable dimensions

Fill In Box

The Fill-In-Box is an automated hopper filling system that can be used along with the Medimat or Speed-Box system. Simply tip the medicine packs into the hopper, and they will be loaded automatically.

  • Fully automated loading
  • Sorts bulk deliveries
  • Input conveyor has a loading capacity of up to 4000 packs