SureMed Software

Every thing you need in one beautiful platform

It's all in the cloud

The SureMed platform has been designed to leverage the benefits of the cloud.

  • Access from anywhere on any device
  • 99.99% up time guarantee
  • Automatic updates
  • Centralized back ups

Increase your packing efficiency by 30%

SureMed creates efficiencies in every area of the packing work flow with the following features:

  • Virtual pill inventory
  • One-click dispensing
  • Screen guided packing and checking
  • Barcode scan for delivery confirmation

Centralize your packing

SureMed has an integrated hub and spoke module which allows you to centralize your packing and to streamline your staff resources across a group of pharmacies. The hub and spoke model allows you to:

  • Manage profiles and dispensing at the spokes
  • Pack at the hub with all your best packing staff in one place
  • Create invoices for each pack run
  • Pack manually or with automation

Communicate with residential aged care facilities

SureMed Connect provides real time ordering, change requests and communication with your nursing homes. Make all the faxes and phone calls go away by taking advantage of the following features.

  • Receive orders in real time on any device
  • Track all medication change requests
  • Easily see when an item was last supplied
  • Instant messaging

Better integration through the cloud

SureMed offers rich integration with other software and packing automation vendors. This means that the one software platform can drive your whole packing business. The following integrations are available:

  • Dispensary system integration (SureMed X)
  • Compact Systems (Emma)
  • Medi-map
  • Meditec - JVM sachet machine
  • SmartMed - ATP 2 sachet machine
  • Autumncare
  • iCare
  • Health Metrics (eCase)
  • i3 Soft
  • Medscope
  • Sarah

Order your packing supplies online

Whilst you are logged into SureMed, your next consumable order is just a click away so there is no need to get on the phone or send faxes or emails.