Dosage Administration Aids

SureMed gives you the opportunity to stand out from your competition with range of elegant dosage administration aids.

SureMed Tri-Fold

The SureMed Tri-Fold card provides the ultimate medication adherence companion for your patients. Available in cold seal, the pack design allows for comprehensive labelling that supports up to 18 medications and includes a complete medication profile, drug images and cautionary and advisory warnings.

SureMed Clear

SureMed Clear is the latest DAA packaging innovation from Omnicell. This cold seal pack offers a number of unique features including transparent, removable, tamper evident seals for easier checking and changes. Click here to find out more

SureMed Perforated

SureMed perforated packs are fantastic for patients that prefer the option of removing a day or a single dose from their weekly pack. The perforations are easy to tear and patients that have struggled with packs that are difficult to open will find SureMed Perforated a much better option. Click here to find out more

SureMed Bi-Fold

The SureMed Bi-Fold card is a convenient and cost effective cold seal dosage administration aid. This fully disposable pack comes with foil backing and four easy to punch blister sizes.

Promote your brand with every pack

It makes sense to promote your service and your brand with every pack that leaves the store. Omnicell's design team can work with you to produce a vibrant custom branded card.

Grow your business and unlock 6CPA funding.

Growing your DAA business has many benefits and Omnicell will help you do this will full marketing support including:

  • Counter stands
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Sample packs
  • Window graphics