SureMed - End to End Work Flow

Do you want to increase efficiency and reduce packing errors?

It all starts with dispensing and virtual pill inventory.

Quickly create a list of everything you need to dispense before you start packing with the click of a button.

Guided Packing - Optimized Genius

SureMed screen guided packing comes with an optimized packing algorithm as well as a bunch of other features you'll quickly find that you can't live without. When combined with a virtual dispensary layout, you really will change the way you pack

Guided Checking - Now You've Heard Of It

SureMed screen guided checking makes life for the pharmacist a whole lot easier. The system checks the profile for changes and displays pill images and blister totals.

Delivery Confirmation - Where Did the Signing Sheet Go?

SureMed does away with signing sheets by allowing you to scan packs out as you give them to your patients. The system checks to see if the pack is current and records everything for you.